How to play on MiSTer FPGA Hardware

It is possible to play the romhacks on a MiSTer FPGA system. MiSTer FPGA emulates the original cabinet hardware using Field Programmable Gate Arrays.

In order to run the romhacks on MiSTer FPGA, you must use the Donkey Kong Arcade Core for MiSTer FPGA.

Download the desired romhack patch from the 'ROMHACKS' page and patch an original Donkey Kong romfile to the romhack romfile.
Instructions on how to apply the patches is available on the 'HOW TO PATCH' page.

Replace the original with the patched of the romhack in the folder '/_Arcade/mame/'.

Change the following section of the 'Donkey Kong (US, Set 1).mra' file



Replace the checksums in this section of the 'Donkey Kong (US, Set 1).mra' file with the checksums of the changed code.

The following overview gives the changed checksums for each of the romhacks.

Donkey Kong Barrelpalooza
CPU: c_5et_g.bin - CRC: C80C0431
CPU: c_5ct_g.bin - CRC: C742739C
CPU: c_5bt_g.bin - CRC: A46859EC
CPU: c_5at_g.bin - CRC: 4742A48E
SOUND: s_3i_b.bin - CRC: 7590F5EE
GFX1: v_5h_b.bin - CRC: CAF8820B
GFX1: v_3pt.bin - CRC: B0CD1E84
GFX2: l_4m_b.bin - CRC: 1B46AAE1
GFX2: l_4n_b.bin - CRC: FBAAA6F0
GFX2: l_4r_b.bin - CRC: 919362A0
GFX2: l_4s_b.bin - CRC: D57098CA
PROM: c-2k.bpr - CRC: 4826CE71
PROM: c-2j.bpr - CRC: 4A7A511B

Donkey Kong Into The Dark
CPU: c_5et_g.bin - CRC: ABDDD83E
CPU: c_5ct_g.bin - CRC: EE146D99
CPU: c_5bt_g.bin - CRC: FCE41E06
CPU: c_5at_g.bin - CRC: 6B8D5524
GFX1: v_5h_b.bin - CRC: 3D4EA8F8
GFX1: v_3pt.bin - CRC: 0979CF74
GFX2: l_4m_b.bin - CRC: 21A04AA5
GFX2: l_4n_b.bin - CRC: 27DDEC12
GFX2: l_4r_b.bin - CRC: DDFEE3E1
GFX2: l_4s_b.bin - CRC: 42D26B1B
PROM: c-2k.bpr - CRC: 8D918467
PROM: c-2j.bpr - CRC: 9AADF04A

Donkey Kong On The Run
CPU: c_5et_g.bin - CRC: FD64526A
CPU: c_5ct_g.bin - CRC: 6D692D1B
CPU: c_5bt_g.bin - CRC: D029C495
CPU: c_5at_g.bin - CRC: 9B58B813
GFX1: v_5h_b.bin - CRC: OD588DE5
GFX1: v_3pt.bin - CRC: BFB2C04F
GFX2: l_4m_b.bin - CRC: F224B2BC
GFX2: l_4n_b.bin - CRC: DEF8BCA4
GFX2: l_4r_b.bin - CRC: 59E3E846
GFX2: l_4s_b.bin - CRC: B5A2E920

Donkey Kong Randomized
CPU: c_5et_g.bin - CRC: FC29F234
CPU: c_5ct_g.bin - CRC: 49E16508
CPU: c_5bt_g.bin - CRC: FCE41E06
CPU: c_5at_g.bin - CRC: 86723E5D
GFX1: v_5h_b.bin - CRC: 17EF76AD
GFX1: v_3pt.bin - CRC: 49D408CD

Donkey Kong Reverse
CPU: c_5et_g.bin - CRC: EE02057E
CPU: c_5ct_g.bin - CRC: E6FABD0F
CPU: c_5bt_g.bin - CRC: 31C5BEA3
CPU: c_5at_g.bin - CRC: C7D04EF3

Donkey Kong Skip Start
CPU: c_5et_g.bin - CRC: 87C65C59
CPU: c_5bt_g.bin - CRC: F31C0C47
CPU: c_5at_g.bin - CRC: 87D58E2E

Donkey Kong Twisted Jungle
CPU: c_5et_g.bin - CRC: 63E2A483
CPU: c_5ct_g.bin - CRC: ED5C7B13
CPU: c_5bt_g.bin - CRC: B1990430
CPU: c_5at_g.bin - CRC: B4E0240A
GFX1: v_5h_b.bin - CRC: FCCB93D6
GFX1: v_3pt.bin - CRC: 95408F9F
GFX2: l_4m_b.bin - CRC: 5E77597E
GFX2: l_4n_b.bin - CRC: 715C29FF
GFX2: l_4r_b.bin - CRC: 7B24438D
GFX2: l_4s_b.bin - CRC: 57D3989A
PROM: c-2k.bpr - CRC: 84BE5373
PROM: c-2j.bpr - CRC: A81CA93C