How to earn Retro Achievements

Play and earn Retro Achievements

In RetroArch it is possible to play with Retro Achievements. Retro Achievements are an extension to RetroArch that make it possible to earn achievements for a game. When an achievement is earned, it will be notified on screen and added to the user's stats on the Retro Achievements website. If a user completes all achievements in a game's achievement set, he/she has mastered the game and a master patch is added to the user's stats.

Eight of my romhacks have an achievement set on the Retro Achievements website. Click on one of the romhack icons to go directly to the specific romhack page:

In order to play with Retro Achievements you must first create an account on the Retro Achievements website: Retro Achievements registration page.

After creating an account you must enable Retro Achievements in the RetroArch GUI: select 'Settings -> Achievements' and fill the following fields:

Achievements: Turn ON
Username: Enter Retro Achievements username
Password: Enter Retro Achievements password
The other settings are optional !

When you play the Donkey Kong romhack, it will automatically register the earned achievements.

Your progress and achieved masteries are displayed on your personal page on the Retro Achievements website.

The game page for the romhack shows a list with users that recently mastered the romhack and also contains a link to the leaderboard that shows the high scores for the game.

If you like earning achievements, you might also try some of the other achievement sets that I've created: